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Automated Progress Reports

Share project notes, photos, videos and documents!
The upgrade brings the Notes section to an advanced level with Automated Progress Reports, Video Notes and Mark-Up Tools. You can mix JPG with other formats such as Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

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Expanded visual communication tools for your Control Center. The Notes is a central communication area that allows you to post unlimited important pictures, video recordings, and documents with comments for progress reports to share with clients and coworkers and project management. The section includes new image comparison and slideshow capabilities. You can mix JPG with other formats such as Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Automated PowerPoint and PDF Progress Reports
This valuable EarthCam exclusive feature is based on a selection of templates and utilizes images directly from the camera system plus information entered into the Notes area. The Project Management Service automatically generates professional reports available to share as a PDF or PowerPoint presentation. Share your personal observations with clients & coworkers through professional auto-generated weekly progress reports..

Mark-Up Tools
Utilize various drawing tools to mark-up images to include in your Notes area and progress reports. EarthCam's software has an easy to use, click and drag method of highlighting, adding text and sharing jobsite observations on captured images. Integrate Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents with your videos and images.

NoteCam with Video Hosting Service
Upgrade your shared construction site progress reports with your personal observations. EarthCam's palm-sized camera easily captures and uploads images and video. Carry it in your pocket, video record the job incidents and progress, add audio comments and upload to document for your team to see.

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