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Webcam 101
EarthCam engineers have organized a tutorial to help you understand the world of webcams. Please use the options on the left or the "Next" link on the upper right to navigate through the tutorial.

Experts in Webcam Technology
The WebCamStore is owned and operated by EarthCam, Inc. and was launched in 1999 as the first online marketplace dedicated solely to providing network cameras, software, technology and services. As the pioneer of the webcam industry, EarthCam's unparalleled expertise in the field of webcam software and technology has allowed it to create thousands of webcam solutions for hundreds of corporations and government agencies worldwide. Equipped with this vast knowledgebase, the WebCamStore team is comprised of seasoned engineers who are highly skilled and dedicated to customer service.

Where the World Watches the World
In the past several years, the use of Webcams and network based camera systems has permeated, and even inspired, businesses, corporations, government agencies, educational institutes, and news agencies worldwide. There has also been an exponential surge in home-based private and public Internet cameras. Using the powerful search engine on EarthCam.com, you can discover the many ways we communicate, collaborate and observe locations all over the world using Webcam technology. An extension of EarthCam, the WebCamStore provides a showcase of Internet camera technology and demonstrates the extent that Webcams can be used to provide views of construction, landmarks, traffic, weather, and people. Learn how Internet camera technology can work for you while exploring multitudes of specialized IP camera systems. It may seem overwhelming at first, so please take some time to review this introduction to Webcam applications and technology and learn exactly how the "World Watches the World".

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